Does the soul have a history?

Wonderful question for thought. Does our soul have it’s very own history? Well, just with my own knowing I would say it does. I have too many memories that would not have come from my life now. Which got me to contemplating the question… does this history affect our lives as we live them today?

I would say yes, but, we must learn to differentiate between what is of this lifetime and not let the history get in the way of our daily lives. I bring this up because I was on pacific hwy 1 going from San Francisco back to Los Angeles. There is 63 miles of curves that are 25 miles an hour with the most beautiful scenery of the ocean.

I was terrified. I was hyperventilating, trying not to cry and simply wanted to get out of the car. Yet my friend who was driving very quietly kept reassuring me that he was not going to die so because he was driving I was completely safe.  I was having a reaction that had nothing to do with my life today.

I could see for myself that I was not truly in any danger. My friend was a very good driver and the car was in good condition so my fear had nothing to do with the situation that I was in. So where did this fear come from?  The subconscious mind is a mystery to many regarding how it can affect what we are feeling today. Some would say that was what was going on. Yet I had a very clear picture of who I was and when I had been pushed off of some of those very same mountains in another time frame.

So for me I believe we do have a soul history, yet even with that history we can not let it stop us from living to the fullest in today’s time. All I was doing was letting myself feel the fear. Then I began to have the conversation with myself to assure myself that this fear was not going to stop me from being on this road at this time. That the sights of the ocean in its magnificent glory was such a joy to be able to watch and the friend I was with was the part of this life that I can say I would not have wanted to miss.

How often do we let things get in our way when things such as fear have no relevance to the life we are living?

Live to the fullest each moment of this worlds history so that the imprint that appears on the soul from this lifetime can outweigh any other that has been before.

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