Does ‘positive thinking’ really change our life?

When I began to understand the idea that emotion was an energy, like the energy that moves the earth on its axis, I was blown away by how we can hurt ourselves and not even know it. Once I got over that and got up off the floor I began to see that I could learn to harness and use that same energy to change my world. Yes, I said , ” I could change my world.” I have done that very thing. How did I do this? The first thing you have to do is…

Dedicate your life to the concept that you are the one, first and foremost, the one that affects each and every thing in your life.

Sure that sounds easy enough. Until you get hurt emotions for the first time and want to blame the person that said words that hurt you… then when you want to lash out at that person… are you going to remember your dedication to find the truth for your life?

We hear the words discipline, accountability, and responsibility. This is the one and only thing that gets you on your way to change your life. I have issue with the concept ‘think positive’, only because you are not then recognizing where your power lies to make changes that will be life altering.

I have met many that sit with the idea that “I must learn to sit in peace and learn to bear what comes at me”… yet does that work for them? Can they really say they are 100% happy?

I am sorry I do not believe you when you tell me that.  Yet I have spent much time with these kinds of people. When they begin to tell themselves the truth, to talk about those emotions that they have spent years learning how not to look at so they do not rock their boat… Wow, look out!

So many of us do not understand that all those emotions that you have spent years not looking at have been your constant companion anyway. This not looking at these emotions is the very thing that has all the feedback coming at us the way it does. So when you say ‘I am accountable and take responsibility’, I say you are not if you are trying to be positive in your thinking.

Agree with me? Then Challenge me…..

Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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