Does it feel good? Only then Choose It!

What is the power in making choices only because it makes you feel good?

I want you to think about how you feel when you think that something that you have done is making you feel really bad. How is your day when you feel that there is nothing you can do to fix what you have done? Where is your power in choice?

It is when you understand that you had the power to make that very choice that right now has you feeling bad. That gives you the power to make yourself feel good again. How is that? It is when you then make a choice that, number one, is taking only your feelings into account and second, it is when you put into practice always checking in with your feelings about your choice that you are learning to simply listen to your own inner voice.

So now why do you not want to look at the simplicity of asking self if the choice is making you feel bad? Is it because somewhere along the way of life someone has made fun of you when you did share the choices that you have made? Well, the truth is there are a lot of people in your same boat.

When you have someone make fun of you learning about your feelings and how to stand up for them one of the things you should learn to do is simply stand in your hurt feelings and look that person in the eyes and say, “shame on you” Yes, that is all you have to say. You have every right to feel bad as you do to feel good.

Yet you must remember the only way you learn is by simply trying out how your choices make you feel. Then you can make the choice to make a choice that supports your well being. Those that would rather make fun of that process are only hiding the fact that they themselves do not know how to make those very same kinds of choices for themselves.

That is the reason there are so many unhappy people around us. So stop making someone else the reason you cannot make the choice to make yourself happy. Just recognize that it is going to take practice and time, depending on how far away you are from the original choice that made you unhappy.

Please remember you only need to make one choice at a time. Do not look at the total or final outcome of your choice… just choose to take the first step, one that will start you on your path today. That will then lead you to the next choice and the next and before you know it you will have gotten yourself into a place within your heart where you not only see all your power of choice but, a place where no one can take that power of choice away from you.

Call me let’s talk together on this issue of choices and how that gives total control of our lives, or write me I will be happy to share my thoughts with you.

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