Do your choices align with your value?

Values-BalanceWhen you are working on self-value and worth have you really taken the time to see just how much value and worth you truly believe you have and are worth? It is far easier for us to say the words, but your action steps say a far different thing.

Each time you make a choice that does not support your internal growth the changes you are asking for when you are in your own head, you are, in essence, devaluing yourself.

Each time you make a choice with another person on the scale that you let outweigh your own heart and you have to talk yourself into doing so, you are, in essence, devaluing yourself.

Each time you feel sorry for someone else and in so doing stop yourself from doing what you quietly and simply need to do you are, in essence, devaluing yourself.

Now I know that each and every one of us can talk ourselves into doing almost anything for someone else because you can tell ourselves a ‘reasonable’ story to justify doing so, but the quiet and simple truth, which we have to start seeing, is how we so easily convince ourselves to do things for someone else even though it harms our internal worth because we are misinterpreting love for empathy of their walk.

You are putting yourself in the way of another god beings walk. You must learn to use empathy, my friend, and see that with the walk you have taken you have learned all those things that give you your honor, your integrity, your self love, and the deep worth that only the physical walk can show you. With each step, whether you feel you fell down or you had a glorious success, you learned those things by doing, by making a single choice and then following it through till you could tell it did not feel good to you. That is the skill and measure of making choices… did it feel good?

If you keep making choices and sacrificing the choices that you should only be making for yourself, you are walking away from feeling the truest form of self worth there is. It is in that worth that you feel and expand your internal being. When there is chaos around you it is the self worth that fills your being with the knowing that you, and only you, are accountable for the quiet, the peace, and the tranquility, that will hold you close with love for this glorious life that you are experiencing





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