Do you really want to go on with your life without you?

Well, after my last few posts I hope you are seeing that this is really the root of all the mind chatter that is holding us hostage to the old way of thinking. Once you begin to get an understanding about all the hidden facets of mind chatter, you will begin to see that it is simple enough to get rid of it. I said simple, not that it was easy.

You  have had a lifetime being forced into this mold. It is not going to be just breaking the mold that will set you free. Yet it can be, if you take charge of the mindless chatter that goes on in your head at any given moment. Why do I say this? There are 4 to 6 hundred thoughts that go through our mind in just one minute. No they are not all for you. No one could be in charge of all those thoughts.

Yet I can tell you that will all go away the moment you begin to take charge.

What do I mean take charge? Well I mean that a quietness does begin as you start taking into consideration the fact that you must be first in everything you do. That being selfish is the most necessary thing in our world. Because Self is necessary for you to survive. Yet it has been made into a taboo; One of the most horrible things that we can be. Yet think about it, without you what is there in your world? If you cease to exist what do you have?

You have nothing here that is. We must also look at this… if we have our freedom for making choices for ourselves, then we must give the same right to everyone in our lives. That is not so easy. We have gotten used to having others do things for us. Oh yes, once you start looking around you will begin to see this if you are truthful with yourself. Just how much you do get from others? Have you used those things called guilt and obligations on others as has been done unto you?

We must look at these questions with quiet humble truth. For if you are living here you have used those two words and concepts on others around you. It is called parenting. So yes, I am sure you have. Forgive yourself. You must if you are going to go ahead and set yourself free. You must learn to love yourself as you walk forward with setting yourself free.

As always I ask, do you agree with me? Well, if not then challenge me. I would love to discuss this with you..

have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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