Do you have the courage to look at your stories closely?

mystoryIn my last blog post I was beginning to talk about compartmentalizing your painful emotions, and not recognizing when a true Guardian came to you to help you through the story you were beginning to write that was going to steer you down the wrong path .

I would like to begin to show you all how each of you have always had Guardians to come and walk you through your painful emotions, but that you did not recognize them and in so doing did not utilize the wisdom that was being shared with you.

Whenever you walk through a life experience and your emotions are involved, you will immediately  begin to tell yourself a story about why it happened and the way it happened. What I mean is you retell the story in a light that does not support the fact that as a god being you took the time to make the vibrational shifts to play with the supporting characters to have your physical experience.

When the Guardian came into support you at the time, your heart was in pain and confusion. You only wanted someone to support that pain, to agree with you that you were wronged. The Guardians job is to have you walk in the Universal Truth… not to support a story about the physical expression. So the words did not come to you about the other person’s actions, the words came at you to support the correct way that you as a god being should evaluate and then make the changes in your vibrational set up within yourself to have a different outcome.

Somewhere along the line you could not make the choices that support your heart. For whatever reasons that you tell yourself, you must come to the understanding that all things have come from your internal feelings about yourself. You can tell yourself any and all kinds of stories but, the simple truth is what you send out you will get back. That is what the misunderstanding of Karma is … it is some humans way of walking in a half truth. You want the Karma to be happening to someone who wronged you… by doing so you are giving up your birthright that you are a god being on this planet.

Whether you believe this or not does not negate the law and that it is the simple truth. Take back the truth and  begin to use the truth of this Universe.  That is how you take back your internal power.

When you wrote your very first story about a wrong done to you, was the first moment you started to compartmentalize your life. You began to take pieces of yourself and hide them away from your conscious mind.

Many reasons have been used why you and others do this. The fact is if you now want to become whole and in charge once again you must open up all the little doors that you have your pain in and you must look at how you put a vibration into your life story and look at it as the adult you are today.

You will begin to see that each story can and is re-written, and can have many out comes depending on the god being and what twist you put onto it. You can have people in your life that support the pain or those who support growth and learning, that is your choice. You are the one in charge of having your life be the same and in pain or to change it and begin to see how you have always been the one in charge of being sad or being happy.

You must simply decide which it is you are going to be today. It is a wonderful experiment. Do you have the courage to open those doors? Do you have the courage to look at your stories closely and begin to see how you could have and still can re-write those stories you are calling your life? Do you have the courage to allow change in your life starting today?

Begin the change by answering those questions one at a time with the heartfelt truth of a true Guardian not just telling yourself your pain-filled story.






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