Do we have to let it bother us?

I think a good question to ask ourselves with every scenario that we live through is, “Do we have to let this bother us?” Now there are times when I say to myself ‘yes’, even though I know that is plain silly. Yet I want to stamp my foot and say ‘hey! what about my feelings..’

That is when I step back, take a breath, and really look at why I want to make something  matter. I am coming to an understanding that we are in charge of making everything and anything matter. So, I really am working on having the most loving experiences at all times.

That does not mean you become a milquetoast. I have always been somewhat of a warrior so to just sit back and say everything is wonderful and beautiful is not how I have looked at the world. But I have wanted to experience true peace and love in this very chaotic  world. I am succeeding very well. I do not have to be a warrior to have true love in my life.

So, as I have a life experience pop up (which they always do), just sort of show up out of the blue, I take a breath first. I can feel when I am beginning to get riled up. I then ask myself what it is I truly want to have as an outcome to this scenario. I want to have everyone that is involved to be happy. Now of course that is not really what can happen.

I cannot be in charge of whether someone else is happy or not. Yet I can tell myself that if they ask, I will share gladly what I have learned about my peace of mind within.

We do not, I repeat do not have to let anything or anyone bother us. It is in the taking charge… knowing for ourselves ‘why’ we did something,¬† ‘When’ we did something, ‘What’ was the outcome supposed to be, ‘Where’ were our feelings on the subject to begin with.

If we know these things about every choice we make we will be a person who lives in peace and tranquility with in chaos.

simply practice , practice , practice.

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