Do we have knowings?

What allows some to have information about this earth plane and others not? What makes some of us stand so strong in believing in a spiritual world; Other than what a religious foundation is willing to express for every one. Just mystical beings that never seem to be alive while we are?

How do we get in touch with that mystical being that I know resides in each and every one of ourselves. I have no doubt that all of us on this earth has an ear for our internal truths. Why do some of us hear it so easily while others struggle over such mundane experiences?

As I have begun to have experiences that I have directly influenced to have, I can see that so many of us sit in so much fear of just living. My heart mourns for all those that are so affected by something that can change in an instant. We are so trapped by experiences that are outside of ourselves.

It is not always so easy to change how we think about things.

We have very good reasons for having the thoughts that we have. It is this very place where my clients and students will stand the longest. We as a whole populace really want to hold on to the fact that we have been misjudged, or wronged, or hated, or whatever the story that we favor to tell at any given time in our individual lives.

It is this very space that some of us never venture away from. This is what stops any of us from reaching for the face of God that will change every thing about us.

I do not care what the name is that we use to call God, in my English language I know that most understand this word. I am saying no matter what your term is, you on your own can reach out and have this most glorious life right here and right now! You do not, I repeat, you do not have to die to find heaven or Nirvana, or whatever word you as an individual use.

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