Do Unto SELF first!

takecareofselfWhat does it mean to find the inner you? Does this mean to you that the time has come to look your fears in the face and ask, “Why am I continuing this self abuse?” The hardest thing to wrap your thoughts around is coming to the place where you see that you are the only one responsible for the choices of staying anywhere that you are not happy.

I know you will be able to site many reasons to the why ‘s of staying and allowing your abuse. Those are all the things you have placed in your way . Those are the blocks that I speak of when you hear the term. The truth is, each time you have made a choice to have people, friends, family, etc. in your life that do not make you happy, then you are making the block even harder to see through.

The first thing that each of us must do for the realizing of our internal self and the internal awakening of the divine soul is to break the mindset that you must do for others first. That is drilled into you on a daily basis. That is simply because those around you are standing in fear, the fear of lack of any kind.  The steps that you take to find how beautiful this Universe can supply your needs are the steps that bring you not only to the truth of your very core soul, but the glory and gratitude of being a part of this magnificent planet.

Your faith in truth and the divine simply fills you and allows you to be nourished in a way that fills your heart to the brim and then it cascades with love to all and everything you put your attention to. That is how you  begin to share  the love and gifts that you have learned to provide for yourself. It is a miracle you will see unfold before your eyes. Each and every thing you begin to touch will only bring back to you the love that you have stood up for when you only make the choices that are for your needs and your needs only.

As you walk this you will hear those around you say, “Don’t be selfish, don’t be rash, don’t make fast decisions.” Well, the fact is once you get used to standing up for your very own heart you will be making decisions very quickly and you will see how the magic flows. It will feel almost as though you are walking on water as you see your needs just being filled and the closer you get to that love in your heart the greater it swells and the more wonderful experiences you have.

It is really glorious how love will grow and then once you feel the love growing it grows even more. One step at a time with each moment, love will truly guide you to the Universal Truth of Self.





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