Discipline is required for change

disciplineI would like to talk about the one thing that can destroy any and all relationships and the most important one is the one with yourself. Yes you knew I was going to bring this back to you. Have you ever had a discussion with someone and it always seems to come back to you? When that happened did it make you feel like you were going crazy? Or it does not matter what you do or say it always seems to come back to how the choices you made were wrong?

Well think carefully because one of the things you must always remember is you are asking for experiences with all of your thoughts, words, and deeds. Take stock in what you are having as your experiences. Watch closely when you are having your emotions and feelings. It is right there, when you are having the physical experience, that your clues to the way you want your life to be and the reasons that your life has been the way it has been are staring you in the face. Yes that is where all the clues to your successful change lay.

Okay, this seems simple right? So then why are there so many self-help books, tapes, and seminars? Because the one thing missing is plain and simple discipline and with that discipline means you do not ever let your guard down. You do not tell yourself you are too busy this week or next week. No, you pull up your boot straps and you continue to look at all of your actions, all of your words, and with each time you get hurt feelings, you take the time to break down what your stories are about that issue.

It is not a short term consideration. This is a life time. Yes, a life time commitment from you to you. If you do not think you are worth it look again and again and again. You are worth it!  You are a god being… your birthright is to be in joy as you live this earth life.


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