Detaching from Mind Chatter – do you have the courage to do so????

Now I have begun to understand that there are many threads that hold this mind chatter intact. It takes dedication and discipline to finally overcome what generations of parenting has done to all of us. As you begin to understand one line of the threading that has your mind binding itself up, then two or three more concepts creep out as we begin to untangle. So, you can see how difficult it can be when we finally do want to take charge of ourselves. Not to mention the rest of the world still wanting to see you in a way that tries to bind you .

So why does it feel like we have to give everything up? Why does it feel like all the things we are claiming we want most, we have to let go of? Well, because all of those things must be let go of so we can see how we have attached ourselves to them.

What I mean about attaching is: things we say we cannot live without, our family, friends, children, grandchildren, even our possessions hold us up in attachments.

Attachment is what allows the mind chatter to have control over us. For we cannot see ourselves living without them. We are stuck until we get that one idea, that concept held firmly within ourselves. The only thing we truly need is simply, but most of all, our SELF . Please, I have really heard all the reasons why we cannot stop being a parent and grandparent, a husband or wife, daughter or son, friend or colleague.

You have to have the dedication for self and the self-discipline to understand that the way you have these interactions today are truly unhealthy, the are the very poison that creates disease and aging. Yes, they truly are. They create that feeling within that has us wondering, ‘is this all there is?’ because you cannot be happy when all your energy is being used for people outside of yourself and not for the internal contemplation and growth that it was intended to do.

Do you agree with me? Well, if not then I suggest you challenge me… come on I would love to discuss it with you

have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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