Desire, Need – are they the same thing?

My students and I have been working on the terms DESIRE and NEED.  I often hear things like, “My desire is to have this in my Life. My needs are never being met.” So we have begun to spend time on studying these terms. You would think that this would be a simple concept to understand and then incorporate in one’s life. Yet weeks later, here we are still working on these terms and how they affect our lives intimately .

What is a desire? Is it a feeling in one’s heart? Does it motivate us to aspire to greater heights to triumphs of glory? Well then what is a need? I believe this is where people get lost. How can you come to understand that you are in charge of your life and the things that you experience in your life, if you cannot control the creations.

To have the results you desire/need (hehehe), you must have results. The end result is to have in your life, right now today, what it is that you have desired/needed. Sound like a spinning wheel going around and around??? Well, is that not what is happening? A wheel that somehow you got on to?

So let’s take some time. Let’s see if it makes a difference for you after learning to respect that desires have only to do with physical things, and needs are totally of the feeling nature. Do you hear what it is that I am saying?

Desires are simply for an object, or a place. A need is simply a feeling. You need happiness, you desire to swim in a pool not a lake. This is simple yes?  Well, then would you not have all the things you feel you should have? Well should you not?

We so intermittently change these two words in our thoughts… and if we then place them in the wrong order, poof no creation at hand. Or it comes back to you at a 75% rate. How many of us want only 75% of a creation. That always makes us go home wondering why we can’t get the cool stuff.

Practice holding the idea that needs are only feelings, I want to feel happy every day. The desire will bring the physical experience that has happiness in it. Remember and practice. That is what I tell my students – live to learn and practice, practice, practice.

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