Death of a Friend… how in spirit do we walk this.

This issue is never addressed, yet each and every one of us have walked through this experience. It is never easy for any of us. As our hearts break for our loss of the loved one, the friend, the lover, the child, we must find within our own hearts how to stand up for the right to grieve.

What does grieving look like? Can anyone say what my grief looks like, what yours looks like? Yet we all must have our moment, for if we do not it stores itself only to surface at an unexpected time.

I am finding that the process that we walk… the emergency personnel, the coroners, the Funeral personnel, our family and friends have a part to play. There is kindness and love everywhere. Are we willing to share the grief and loneliness that our friend, love, family member, has left in our hearts?

I see we want to be angry at those around us that are trying to help us, I see the inability to answer the question when someone asks how we are doing; Instead of us being able to simply say, “I am very, very sad and right now I am not crying, but I know I will get through for life goes on whether I want it to or not.”

Some of us believe that our grief should allow us to override or tramp on others who may also be grieving. That is a tough one to watch. Yet, should we be allowed to wallow in this or should we still be accountable for our words, our actions, our deeds? For if we have really understood this grief would we not see grief in others? Would we not want to allow them to have their moments?

This is one of those times when many groups of people come together to share stories and to laugh and cry, to be able to openly talk about the good things as well as the bad things that you experienced because this wonderful person was in your life.

Not ‘trash’ that person, but  see and speak of the contrast that person brought to the light for each and every one of us. For it is in the contrast and the diversity that we grow! So we must share that contrast as well as the love.

Share your sadness, let us take a new look at life, death and life again, for I know within my soul we all go on. We all live again, and in even more glorious ways because we have another lifetime to add to our wisdom and knowledge…

Thank you, Love you all.

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