Dealing with stress, what does that mean?

I think this word stress is the most used in our vocabulary.  We throw it in without really looking at what the word means to us. Some days we have lots going on so we have this adrenaline pumping. We just have to learn that the adrenaline helps in our jobs when we need to focus on lots of things coming at us.

If we take a deep breath, slow down and focus, that adrenaline will be used up in a proper mode. It will not sit leftover so that when the first person that talks to us blows off our cork.

We all have a remarkable brain. It can function very well and is designed for multi-tasking…  it is us who get in the way. If we slow down just a bit and take a deep breath we will accomplish all that seems unaccomplished.

We should be using our abilities to reason and we are not. It is the reasoning part that separates us from the animal kingdom. Yet we do not see the animal kingdom trying to get revenge from some unjust wrong. That is only us. So, once we slow down we recognize that it is ourselves, our inability to use our reasoning that causes us to stress.

Please… take the time to reason things out. We are continually trying to get ourselves out of the fire. Yet we leap with both feet. I know you will tell me, “but this is a good reason” so now I am stressed. Yet, you must look at the simple fact, my friend… You and only you made the choices presented to you at the time.

Go back and look… would you make the same choice today? Why would you? if  not, why not? This is the main way to let go of the stress, knowing that you got to make the first choice as well as you have the ability to make the next choice today.

Take back the right to choose as well as take the responsibility and accountability that you made the first choice. The wonderful thing about being focused today is:

YOU get to make a conscious choice to be stress free by simply taking charge of your choices today.

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