Dealing with anger before we can balance

The first thing you have to do is be really honest with yourself. Most of us have so much anger that we have just stopped feeling so many things in our lives.

So many times when I begin talking about feelings most people honestly answer me with,¬†“I do not know what my feelings are”. They are being honest with me. They can not even find what a feel is.

This is so sad. This is not rare, this is the norm. This is where the “New Age,” movement has hurt so many people because for the most part it does not deal with all this rage that is apparent in our world.

Let’s not get this mixed up with contrast. We do have to have a balance of contrast on this plane to keep our planet together.

One of the reasons we have so much ‘yuck’ going on is because there are so many of us that have no clue how to be balanced. I must say, the sad thing is that this is a life learning of self working. It must be ever in the making.

We are in a world that wants everything right now.

This process will not happen in an instant. Yet the very minute you begin working seriously on self, is the minute that changes will happen in each of our lives.

It is such a double-edged sword.

So we must just begin to come to a place where we become worth the time and energy that is needed to make a life long change with our internal and external self.

As I was explaining earlier,¬†we have to deal with anger. I have found that if we work simultaneously¬†with today’s anger as well as the anger that we have stuffed, we will begin to be able to actually understand why we just blow at the smallest things and say things that we did not mean at all.

Then there is so much clean up to do.

We have to apologize, because whomever was in the line of fire when we blew just got everything in our hidden feelings that we do not even hear. So what now?

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