Creating a Story

Today as I start my blog, I am going to talk about the term that I use, “Creating a story.” When we have a life experience, we immediately start a  Process called writing a story. It is in writing this story about how we felt about the experience that we just had that changes our opinions, ideas, and our beliefs about how this world works for us.

This is where we walk away from the actual steps that we should be taking that allows us to to look at the experience, evaluate the experience, then we make the decisions whether we are going to keep the opinions, ideas, and beliefs. It is the vibration of our opinions, ideas, and beliefs that directly affect the next physical life experience that we then have.

Now the first thing that each of us must really incorporate into our lives are the true steps of accountability and responsibility. In truth we only use accountability for our actions when it benefits us, not when we need it for the purpose of that internal evaluation that truly teaches us that we, and only we, are totally in charge of the life experiences that we have.

If you desire true change in your life you must be ready to take the physical steps that allow for the change that you are in such desperate need to have. True accountability is knowing always you have the desire for change and that means first and foremost in the way you think about all things in your life.

This step is where most people fall away. It means that all the opinions, ideas, and beliefs you have must be carefully examined so you can see how you have put all the changes you need on other people’s shoulders so you do not have to. How many times do you think if only so and so would change then my life would be perfect. The change does happen but you do not see the other person changing for one small reason, you do not realize it is your thoughts about the opinion, idea, or belief that has not changed so of course neither has your world .

I see with everyone I work with until they are ready to accept it is their choice to believe others have power over them in their internal choice making process. They do not see or feel any changes in their world. Yet the minute they take charge of the fact they and only they are in charge of those internal thoughts, which is that the details of any and all stories they tell about their life is the direct reason they feel about their lives as they do.

Then they have begun the true walk of accountability. When that begins each one of them see clearly where their power has always been in their own hands . When this happens they then very easily make new choices about old stories as well as edit very quickly the new life experiences they are in right now. Now they begin to see how they have always been in charge, how easily they feel change and how simple letting go of hurts, angers, and mistrusts are.

That is the true power that each of us desires to have in our very own internal world, which very quickly is then seen by the physical world as well.


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