coping with everyone in our lives.

When you have those days that you just want to lie down and give up what do you do? What can we do to relieve the stress of children, bills, work, spouses? Of traffic on a crowded highway, when there is no movement at all and the guy behind you thinks beeping his or her horn is going to make the cars move magically in front of you.

Can you and do you take these things in stride? Or do they drive you instantly into wanting to scream and tear your hair out.

Most of us try our best not to let it bother us. Yet do we really not let it bother us or do we go home and unleash our pent-up anxieties and angers out on our beloved friends and family. My guess is that we let it stew in us until some tiny little thing that happens unleashes the worst in us. So much so that we cannot explain why it happened. Yet now we have all this clean up because we just made a mountain out of an ant hill, and not one of those African ant hills either. Those little bitty ones in your own backyard.

We have just said all kinds of things that we never in a million years would want to say and yet there they are… all said, and now nowhere to go but the hearts of the person or persons we just railed against.

The worst part about all of this is none of us can take back what we have said. It sits there now and if we have not a guardian to help us walk through this expression we will let this also become part of the baggage that we carry with us on our back.

This then piles on itself day after day on down until you wake up and feel that you have come to a place that you do not like and there seems to be no way to get out of it.

Well, there is a way… begin to understand that what you are feeling today is what is being created for you to experience tomorrow. So make a conscious choice to change how you are feeling about this earth, this experience. Bring love into your heart, your feelings should radiate only what you desire for tomorrow…

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