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  1. Delrae,
    Thank you for all the time you spent with me the other day. Tell “Toby aka Mr. T” I said thank you as well. It really helped when I asked for the “plain talk/non-physic language” explanations. I always understand, but much more quickly in “earth” terms.

    I came home and went to bed at 8:30. Exhausting work. The weekend is in the mix. Please have the “real” Marty give me a jingle with details:)

    I am more focused and goal-oriented since our session. This is a blessing in and of itself. Breathing work is going well too.

    Love you-

  2. Thanks for asking about this Heidi… and I apologize for having missed your question about RSS feed until today. I’ve been offline for much of the last month… but I’m back now.

    As for the feed… you can always enter into your preferred feed reader this url:

    and also, because this is a wordpress hosted blog, you can always hit the ‘Subscribe’ button found at the top of any page here. I will be looking into adding that little RSS icon that will maybe help things. (I’m a bit challenged by the tech side of life too, )

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