Communication with Self

communicationwithselfWhat does it mean when you talk about learning to communicate? Are you talking about communicating with your friends, family, co- workers, or are you talking about a much more personal communication with that one person that is the most important in your life?

Think about this for a few moments. Communication is a very funny thing. Take a look at how you communicate. Do you communicate differently depending on whom you are talking with? Why is that? Are their some people you find easier to talk with? Why is that?

Why are there some people in your life that you could share the world with and then you find there are people that you should be able to share with and you can not tell them anything about your intimate life. Should you share with everyone the same?

Of course I am really trying to get you to see that the first place you should always start your communication is with yourself. You must put whatever issues you have out in front of you. You must look at the worst case scenario and ask yourself deep and tough questions about what it is you are doing to make your change. What scares you about that and what are the steps you must take to set your heart free?

This world around us makes us feel bad whenever we start really looking at making changes which are clearing our very own heart up to be totally happy. Why, when we wake up and find that we are not happy and have not been happy for a very long time, are our thoughts making us feel guilty? That is a serious question that you must ask yourself and each and everyday you must revisit the answer that you gave yourself.

I say this because the one thing that really gets you tripped up is when you put someone else’s feeling ahead of yours. Please take your time here and learn to communicate to yourself what your heart feels simply and quietly for you. You right now do not see how your not standing up for your heart and your heart alone is affecting all those people who’s feelings you are putting ahead of yours.

When you finally take the steps to be truthful with yourself and change your life you will see that all those people you were willing to give your heart up for will ask you why you waited so long. Now there are those people that are not supporting your heart, those people you already know are there. Why is it so important that people like you when you, yourself, are so unhappy within your very own deep heart? Are you telling yourself that sometimes things are okay? Are you asking yourself, ‘what about my history with you’?

I have to tell you I told myself that very thing but, this person and I have been together longer than anyone else in my life. That really simply meant was I was afraid to look at and see that person hurt me more when I needed that one person to stand in my corner. What kind of history was that? A very sad kind of history when I realized that when I talked about not making change because of the history I would be giving up, or family members that would no longer be part of my life, I came to realize I was simply saying I was to afraid to make the change and I would rather stay unhappy. That was an eye opener, let me tell you, when I realized what I was saying to myself….

Make the change for you and only you. I am here to tell you everything that truly makes your heart happy falls into place the minute you do.

There is a power that you begin to feel flow through your heart that simply gets stronger when you are the one that makes the choice to only communicate the truth with yourself.






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