Communicating in Universal Truth

awake1Communication is a form of coming to terms with the stories we tell ourselves. Then as we go about growing up we hear those around us speaking, in that speaking we are led to believe that we are communicating.

Let’s go deep down inside of yourself. Have you ever had an experience and when you listen to someone else that shared your experience, they tell the story differently than what you experienced? Do you accept their telling of the story? Or do you take the time to go and break down the events of your story for yourself…whether or not you have spoken to them?

In breaking down the events of your story, using this other persons explanation and what you remember experiencing, have you taken charge of the story? Have you seen where you had choices… how making the choices you did resulted in the feelings and the emotions that you yourself had? Do you start to find that you could have made different choices which would bring about different results, different feelings, and different emotions?

Yes, this is communication. The communication which begins to stretch that muscle called the brain which then begins to show you that when you break down your life stories and use what others see you are beginning to see that, depending on the person you are using as your mentor or guardian and what their beliefs are, they will have a great effect on your life experience for the good or the bad .

If your mentor desires you to walk in their footsteps any choice that you make that counters their desired expression will be shown to you as a false choice for you. Anyone that has only the Universal Truth in mind will simply teach you how to question yourself in a way that has you grow in your internal love for self. With that growth you will see how, when you choose your heart above all else, no harm comes to you or any other person you are interacting with. Why, you should ask? The answer will vary but the one thing that is the same is when you are communicating in Universal Truth you are using not only the 5 physical senses that attune you to this world, but your internal sense which is your connection to the god being you are and as such to the face of the all God, of the millions of souls who walked as you walked, who ascended as you are beginning the process, as they did who continued the spiral leaning until they came to a place to touch the face of the all God and when they were ready they became a part of that glorious whole.

As in your time you shall do as well. In Your time as well.


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