Communicating beyond the stories

yourheartLet’s talk about communicating with ourselves and telling ourselves the truth about our stories that we desire to hold most near and dear to our hearts. Those are the stories that are really the most harmful to our need for change in our lives.

Those stories are the very vibration that devalue your internal being. Now you begin to unravel how to really talk to your internal self and not fall victim to your emotions about the stories. It is a real value to you the minute that you can put that small child inside of you to rest.

Understand, that small child is the one that tells you you can not do something you desire, or that you only do it wrong or no one loves you. I am sure you can recognize these thoughts. The issue is if you are not aware of the little child within, then when an unexpected emotion arises you might not be able to successfully take charge of the life choice you are on the verge of making. You are less likely to ask yourself if the choice you’re about to make will support your choice for change, or if it just supports the same old thoughts and beliefs that got you into your current situation in the first place, bringing you right back to the loop of your old life… even if you have new people to interact with.

This is probably the most disconcerting when you find that you are right back to old experiences even though you have new people to interact with. This brings you back to telling yourself that you must look at the stories that you hold near and dear to you.

You must really look at how powerful your mind is. Those stories interact directly with your emotions and that inner child and can sabotage so quickly all the changes that you hold so dearly in your heart. Look closely at whether or not you are bringing the old you into your new life without changing those pieces into the new experiences.

Just because you have new people in your life does not mean your life will change. What it means is that you are going to be challenged in a different vibration to look at your stories. One of the reasons that you may have a hard time looking at your stories is because you judge how you responded in them. As you begin to understand and incorporate that you have always had the power to and the choice in how you responded, you will then look at your stories with a discerning eye for where you could have made a different choice.

That is where the true power of choice is. What are you going to choose to listen to… the little child’s voice that is telling you no you can’t, it is all your fault, you are not smart enough… or the choice to hold those emotions still and look and ask questions in a way that will let you see your heart in the truth so that the choice you decide to make is yours and you know it is yours alone.





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