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FLYOne of the things that I spend a lot of time working on with my students and  clients is that once you begin to start communicating with yourself and others and for the first time you are feeling the effects of that communications, you can get hit by emotions when people do not recognize that you are trying to reunite with old friends and family. Because you have had stories that you have used to keep you from participating with your loved ones they have gotten used to a certain kind of behaviour from you.

By the standards of being a victim in the consciousness of the people around you really gets you stuck in a groove. Take hope. What you have to really stand up for is you do have the right to have those emotions that people did not take you into account. The part you want to really acknowledge is because you made the choice to stay away and not have those interactions with your friends and family they have a certain idea of who you are. That may not be who you are any more, but it is your accountability, your god right to live or not live in the stories that you used as your identity.

It is up to you though to work through those emotions without blame of the actions of those you are trying to reestablish a caring and loving relationship. These people see you in a certain way. That does not make them harsh or mean or not loving you. Just remember, though you are sad and frustrated with hurt emotions, it was you who made choices a long time ago to use your stories to define who you were. So it will take vigilance on your part to speak from the heart with those people you desire to have in your life. You want to share your feelings about those life experiences from the past and where those stories took you off and away from those people you care about.

Just make sure that when you are sharing with these people that you do not hold them accountable for how you feel. You want to talk with them with the understanding that you are gaining, do not put a heavy weight on your heart about their actions but put the emphasis on that your love them and that you desire to be back in their lives and so please remember when you are doing something you then are taking the accountability for your choices as you begin to share the walk you have taken to get to this place of love and understanding of you and your choices. You will realize that you have come to a quiet peace about those people that played with you in your stories. Because of the time you have taken to look at your stories you have found that you are and always were in charge of your personal choices.

When you come to love yourself you will truly see how being conscious and taking time to evaluate who you are is very critical. You no longer look outside of yourself and say I do not have the power to change my life. You will begin to say I have the power because I am the one who has the choice to decide what steps I am going to take and only Me! That is the true power in your individual life.

Why do you not take hold of that concept, honor those around you each moment of each day, but never put your soul on the line to make someone else happy. That is the first step to losing your power of choice in your life.





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