Come into a balanced understanding within yourself

balancedSo how do you feel your communications skills are today as you begin to see changes in your world? Yet with those very special people in your life you are still feeling confused and not being heard by them. So how important is it to you to break down and understand why it is so important for you to be heard and understood by them?

I ask this question because when you are truly balanced in what your needs are you have no trouble being heard and understood. So it is a clue for you that if those people around you are having trouble understanding, then you are not in balance with what it is you truly need.

So look at the scenario that you are talking about. Ask yourself a question. Your question should be a direct correlation to the need that you have that you are trying to balance.

Now I am speaking about when you are communicating with someone and it goes flat. The reason it does is because you are not totally understanding yourself what it is that you are really feeling about the issue. That doesn’t mean that you are not feeling strongly about the need. It just means you are not locked on to the reason of why you get to have that need filled.

You need to look at what you are claiming you need and ask questions about the whys, the hows, the whens, and the wheres about the need. You will discover how often that you have a need that you, yourself, cannot stand behind so then you begin to see why you cannot communicate your needs in a way that your needs can be met. You do get to have each and every need filled! You just have to find the reasons, the beliefs, the opinions, that are preventing you from allowing the vibration to flow out to the Universe so that the Universe can simply bring back to you the experience that you desire.

It is not as easy as you may think to stand in the reality that there is nothing on this planet that you cannot have or experience. The only thing between you and your need is what you truly think about what it is you are saying you need. For instance… you have a need to have a huge beautiful house, with lots of people to do all the things that you hate to do. Yet you are not experiencing having your big beautiful house. Ask yourself the first question.

What belief do I have about people who live in big houses? Let the answer come to you. It will surprise you that you may have a very negative belief about people who live in huge homes. It may be so negative that it is the very thing getting in the way of the vibration of the Universe to have you experience your home.

This is how you begin to break down communication with yourself. Remember… if you are not having one of your needs met or others can not understand what you are trying to express, you simply need to come into a balanced understanding within yourself.





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