Cleaving from Family & Friends

blacksheepAs one walks into their new creations and it is a major change in your world, it is sometimes very easy to get lost in the chaos or the breaking of the old mold. Sometimes you may tell yourself to break the mold you have to walk away from everything and everyone that has been in your world. I am here to say you do.

Why do I say that? I am telling you this because until you stand in empathy for yourself, you are just beginning this walk. You have not built up into your evaluation process the ability to really interact with those people in your life totally and completely differently. You do not have the ability to look at those people and not hold them at the mercy of all your bad feelings.

It takes time and diligence on your part to interact with those same people in a new and complete way without taking into consideration what your past actions have been with them. Until you learn to stand in total neutrality, and love for the understanding of ‘Self is Necessary’, you are asking for filling your old mold. The very mold that needs breaking. Let me repeat that:

Until you learn to stand in total neutrality, and love for the understanding of ‘Self is Necessary’, you are asking for filling your old mold. The very mold that needs breaking.

I work with many students and each and everyone of them resist this concept of cleaving from friends and family. They try and try to continue in the old mold as they claim they are changing.

What you need to understand is that you have to come to a decision on your walk into the Universal Truth and your own pledge to separate from the illusion of this planet to walk as the god being that you are.

If you do not cleave in the beginning you will simply be walking in the illusion of this desirable planet. You will be fooling yourself and only yourself. You must make a decision for the truth and not as you have known it before.

It does make you feel like you are all alone in the beginning. The thing you must realize is… for awhile, as you are forming the thoughts and choices of being the new you that stands in Universal Truth, you are the most vulnerable to thinking you are forming a new mold when what you are really doing is simply filling the old mold. Because you think you have made a decision to walk in truth you do not see all you have done is begun to fill the old mold from a different angle… which in this illusive world allows you to believe you are on a new path.

If you can understand how magnets push each other away when they are at the wrong polarities, you will then begin to understand why you must cleave from those friends and family that no longer match your Universal Truth magnetic’s.

We must not design which of those friends and or family members will match your polarity. You must be willing to stand simply and quietly just for you. Then let the Universe match you with those that are now in your magnetic field.

The hardest part for any of my new students is that they are tempted to say, “But, I can only be happy because of this person or that person in my life.” I shall say again and again… Happy is happy, so why do you want to pick someone who you have already acknowledged does not make you happy? Because they are familiar?

Be happy. Sit in your magnetic’s and let the perfect fit for family and friends come forward for you… not the other way around.

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