Choosing for SELF!

walkinglabyrinthOkay, you have just made some choices and you were in the mindset of ‘I am going to teach this person finally how to really communicate with me.’ You are in such excitement you do not think about anything except the joy that this one person that you have chosen must see you for who you are. You are so excited that you can hardly contain yourself. You have done it, you have learned how to stand in your boundaries with this person you have deemed as the one that can validate you and when they see the light of your font of wisdom you will know you have finally made your mark.

Then you go about the choice that you made and in the light of things it looks like you have done a great job. You do not notice that in so doing, when you asked your Elders, that internal voice that leads you through this new understanding and walk that is changing your life cautions you about questioning that was not about the who of you. What I mean is if you are asking questions of your Elders that pertain to whether or not your choice will teach someone else the lesson then you are already forgetting that you are only to be learning for yourself. Those questions you have for your internal-god being are truly only about your new internal growth.
So now the other thing you need to look at is this… when most people listen to the choice and how it was teaching someone else how communications beforehand feels, they will think, “Wow, I’m doing so good!” Then you go to your support system and you are in your joy, the euphoria of this choice of teaching that one person. As you are just beginning your story your support looks at you and asks,”Why did you walk over your boundaries that you, yourself just set up?”
You can not believe your ears, What?! No! I did wonderfully, it went without a hitch. The rest of the world would think it was a wonderful lesson in getting alone and communicating. Why are you getting this feedback that says, “NO” you just went backwards three steps.
The one thing that is so detrimental to you is that you do not see that the questions you should be asking are only for your own growth and never, ever about what you can teach someone else. That was the first clue. The person that you are trying to get validation from will never be able to give it to you. Why you ask? Because you are not a mathematical match. That means no matter how hard you try to get that person to hear you’ve changed or see your growth they can not. Not because you are horribly broken or that they are but you are not on the same vibrational wave length so it is simply not possible for either of you to feel it.
Stop looking outward for your validation. You will feel the truth of the quiet moments when you start seeing that no one is crossing your boundaries because you no longer cross your boundaries and all the choices you are making are from a very simple question that you need to ask yourself, “Will this choice I am about to make truly serve me in my walk to the truth?”
Not any one else, I mean absolutely no one. This walk is your walk and only your walk. Stop putting anyone else before your walk….





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