Choose Your Words Wisely

water-balloonsWhen you really begin to see change in your life and you feel and understand how to fill your needs and create a parameter that is for your happiness, you may begin to see hits and misses and wonder what it is that is going on.

I call it leaking, yes… that is what I call it. It is when you are beginning to use all the tools, understanding the Universal laws and how they work with you and for you, and yet you see creations, opportunities, and experiences not hitting the mark and you get frustrated with the creative process not working with you as it seemed to in the recent past.

That is because you have catch phrases that support the vibration of not achieving your creation. Like saying to yourself, “I’ll get there slowly but surely” well… why do you want to have your creations take a long time to come to you? Yet how often have you used a similar phrase to soothe yourself into thinking everything is on course to achieving all your goals? I know you feel that is a positive affirmation but all it really does is release some necessary pressure that now keeps you slightly off track.

Another catch phrase is the phrase about karma. When you use it, like so many other people, it generally is when you feel someone has done you a wrong and you are warning them that it is going to come back to them and you will be happy about it. Oh my, please be careful! I would say to you that Karma is working very well and you are experiencing your own vibration that you had sent out in the past.

The problem with why you are leaking is because you simply do not understand what the difference is between your god energy flow, that is a part of you and is always a part of you, and the vibrations around you and what you use as a filter system and how those vibrations determine how much of your true energy is felt and used by you.

Words hold an atomic weight all unto themselves. Those weights become psi (pounds per square inch), in other words, like an anchor around your neck. You are carrying that weight around with you each and every time you use your catch phrase. Yes and then you can actually feel it as you go about your days. You get that feeling that you should be doing this one thing, the thing you keep putting off, you feel that lag… and in that lag then like a magical magnet, it collects vibrations of the same value. So like a tiny glob of snow that rolls down hill and becomes a huge snow ball, you carry the weight of not following through on the steps that will have your creations coming in huge clusters of wonderfulness. Yet if you use your atomic weight to your advantage, it will have your desired creations grow in size and volume.

I say learn about these catch phrases. Turn them around and use them for your benefit. Do not let them become the heavy weight that you are feeling when you can see you are not in your creative magnificent space of peace and happiness.






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