“Choices” – why should we look at our past choices?

When you begin to look at your life and you have decided that you truly desire change, then it is time for you to look at your previous choices. In looking at your choices you begin to see how the they began to make a pattern in your life that you got so used to living you lost sight of the power that a choice you make gives you.

When I speak about power, that is exactly what I am speaking about. Things become manageable. When you begin to allow this concept to be part of your every moment in your thought process, you allow yourself conscious choice in the moment. You see that in each moment, each life experience you are making a choice that will either change your physical experience, or have you repeat the life experience you have been having.

This may sound like, “well sure it works if your life is perfect. My life is chaos from one moment to another.” That is the very reason you want to take charge and begin to manage this very aspect of your life.

You also do have to come to a place where you make peace with the fact that your choices do effect those around you. That is a heavy weight to bear in the beginning. What do I mean? I mean that when you first start seeing how your life choices effect others in their life plan, that can be a very heavy feeling on your heart.

You can either allow that truth to have you walk toward making choices that change and benefit your life, or to decide to tread water and come to a point where you accept that the life you have is the life you are always going to have. The latter, to me, is a life that is empty.

I work with people that desire to learn to take charge and have true peace and harmony in their lives.

So call me, write me, talk to me I am here to help anyone that desires a change in their lives. That is why you must discover what choices of the past brought you to your life experience of today.

Waiting to hear from you …




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