CHOICES “Why do we get so Angry!”

When I last blogged I was speaking about being aware that we are making choices when we decide not to make a change.  We are allowing things to stay as they are. Yet we get mad at the scenario. When our attention is focused on  this fact, if our emotions do not prevent us from seeing the truth of this, we could even laugh. We have when we are discussing others situations. Not so when it is our feelings on the line.

We get angry, because we do not remind ourselves we did make the choice to continue on the same course that brought us to being angry. When we continue to ignore that we are allowing the choice that is making us angry, we start looking at the world as though it is against us.

There are many who refuse to allow the truth to make a change in their lives. When I am working with my clients, we work on the fact that they can and do get to make this choice not to change.

By the time that most people come to work with me this circle is very much a part of their every day thoughts without them giving any thought to the reality that They are allowing the choice not to change.

We are just coming to an understanding that our thoughts and feelings have a direct influence on our lives. So we must begin to take stock of where our thoughts and feelings are really at.

That is when we start seeing how our anger is directly influenced by our own choices. When reading words this sounds very easy. Yet as we go on about our daily lives we very easily get caught up in the drama.

If  will be helpful to you if you can start taking time as soon as you can to listen to your thoughts and then remind yourself that you have made choices. Go back to the time you made a choice; Even if you do not like the choice you made. Stand up for the fact that you did make a choice. It will give you the power over your own life.

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