Choice, reactionary Choice, and using the Scale

balance-scaleChoice, reactionary Choice, and using the Scale. I am sure you are thinking to yourself what is it that these three words might have to do with my ideals on Self is Necessary. This is extremely important to always keep in mind when you are beginning your serious study on changing yourself and walking each and every one of your days in the truth and light of Universal Truth.

As I woke up this morning these words and this concept was hovering above me so I knew that in my class the night before, this is what was pressing on me to study, so that I in turn could share with all of you.

I know in previous blog posts I have talked about the first four steps in our sequence on how to fill each and everyone of our needs. Also I have been talking about our inner core and how we must understand that small child within each of us is getting in the way of our adult ability to reason out any of our life lessons. Me included in this. I am sharing with you the very clues and tools I use to become enlightened with internal truth and understanding.

Hopefully you have an understanding that when you are thinking of your life, you get this feeling that seems to fill your body. That is what is called a need. You spend so much time telling yourselves that you can not have that need filled, that you totally lose sight of the fact that you had a need in the first place. So much so that when you are asked you will respond to me by saying I do not know what a need is.

Well you do have needs. Go back to when you had thoughts going on about your life. Take a few minutes time just for yourself. Make a decision… can you take a step to begin to have the experience in your life to have that need filled?

It is here you will have an answer flood in. Stop at the first one. Look at that answer and ask a question about that answer. Then look at that answer. Do this one-step process until you come to a place where your heart feels safe and you know you can take the first step of bringing this process of understanding your need and the step to begin to support your need. These are the first three steps of your sequence to create and fill your needs.

Now, this is where the small child will come in, unbeknownst to you. Yet this is where you then will consciously make a choice to now support the decision of taking the steps to have your need met. It is possible you may have a physical experience where you think you have totally supported your need and only get back raw emotion. Well this is where you did not, in your questioning phase, truly look at your weak links (your fears about your need). It is never about giving up your need. Never put that on the questioning scale. What you want to do is acknowledge that you have this fear and what you are going to do to acknowledge that fear in you while you still get to have the physical experience of your need.

Now you can see you have walked through the process of making a choice for your need. Now you must begin to break down the process of reactionary choices. So often once you decide to make the decision, and then the choice to support the decision, you will find yourself in a place where the people around you call you on your choice and you will feel out of control of your life.

Does this sound familiar? Well, this is probably one of the hardest places to begin to stand up for the fact that you have a need and no matter what, you get to fill it. The people around you will make a choice and you will have to make the choice not to support them as you had done in the past. You will have to learn to stand within your heart and in the truth that in the past you made a choice with that person to appease them. Which made you feel you never had a true choice about your own life? So now there is a chain reaction that happens because you have not stood up for your personal needs from the very first day of your relationship with these people in your life. As you make your changes, of course it is going to affect the vibration of the way you and they now interact.

The process of reasoning each and every need against your weak link and then looking at how close you are to supporting the true need, must be in a constant evaluation process with you through each and every physical experience you have. That is, putting things on the scale is a constant activity.

Now you understand Choice, reactionary Choice and the Scale.






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