Cheating, we ALL have cheated

How do I begin this next subject. It has been really interesting to me. What does being faithful mean?

I have listened to people having a conversation on this topic. It is very surprising to me the points of view that are out there on this subject.

I began to think back about this from a young woman’s perspective first, as a teenager and what I felt about being faithful. How through the years that understanding has taken a radical change.

When I was a young girl and just beginning to date, I would have said it meant that if a commitment was made between myself and a young man and dating ensued with someone else I would have claimed that as cheating.

Then as a young women who was getting married I would have said the same thing again… that if one or the other stepped outside of those vows that would be considered cheating.

Yet, when that did happened I had to look deep inside myself to find if that is truly what that meant to me now. At the time I was so shocked to feel myself and say I am not dead. heheheh

No really, I was very surprised that at the time I was not so mad that I just walked right out. Since then I have looked at this deeply and quietly unto myself. This is what I am beginning to find out about me.

I am finding that the only person that can cheat on me is really basically me.

Now wait a minute before you go off the deep end. I have come to a place where I have realized that I must have left a part of me.

How could anyone that I was giving my full attention to not love me?

What I mean is we all know when we are happy. Just like we all know within ourselves when something is not working. If we are honest with ourselves and look into the issue right away we are making choices to change or not to change. This is what I have come to understand about cheating.

Cheating and having relationships change are not one and the same. I think this is where the boundaries get really muddy.

I am going to be spending a little more time in posting about this concept… but, if you do not agree … Challenge me.. I dare you …

have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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