Changing your life requires YOU to change

changelife-changeheartHow do you maintain these new concepts of communication? You can see the benefits of communicating with yourself because you are seeing real changes in your world, yet there are still hiccups. Why do you think it happens that when you are trying to express the truth about you the feedback that you get is of mistrust or anger or frustrations or any and all of those emotions that create so much havoc with your heart?

The first place you should go is to ask yourself what stories are you still telling and how are you expressing them? I hear people talking, especially in our world of social media, and they are angry and mad at something or someone who they believe has done something to them. Then their friends and family members add their comments of slamming the same person. This is the problem… there are no guardians that are willing to say to them, “Hey wait a minute, what was the contributing factor here?”

What do you think I mean about the contributing factors? Well if you are having any kind of emotion that you are feeling and you want to say it is because of the other person that you feel slighted, angry, hurt, or sad, then you are not looking at the fact that you had a contributing vibration that you put into the mix.

You want to start breaking down the situation that you just had with the other person or persons. What stories, or should I say beliefs and opinions, are you holding about the situation and the people involved? Take the time to look at yourself in a different way. Not that you have done something wrong, but why don’t you try looking at the scenario as though you could rewrite it. How would you do so?

You would rewrite not only their role but your role as well. Yes you would look at your life history and you would begin to say, “Okay, I am saying that because I have had these kind of life experiences I would naturally respond this way but, what if I would respond this way instead? How would that change the experience??”

I know though that you are going to want to say, “Yes but…” the ‘but’ means you are trying to get yourself to believe your excuse for not making change in yourself and your understanding about Universal Truth.

Oh I know, sometimes it sucks in the beginning when we begin to see that the only way true change can happen is if you do the changing. So I suppose you will then say to me, “Okay but then what about the other guy? Because of the things he or she has said I have these emotions that just make my heart hurt, or I am so angry.”

Well the truth is, you have been telling yourself for some time that you should not be even playing with that person. You simply are no longer a vibrational match. That is truly what happens when you begin to grow because you heart needs change, you grow and change.

Don’t be angry, just continue to walk forward and with love in you heart and joy aiding that forward movement keep your eyes open for the loving opportunities that are presented to you.

They are there all around, Really!





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