Changes and Choices

storyofyourlifeWhen you are asking for change, what is it that you are really asking for? This is a question that seems self explanatory. Just within the statement itself. Yet, is it? I am asking you this because what is it that you really desire?

I work with a lot of individuals and they are always telling me they want the hurt to go away, they desire to just be happy, yet after working together for some time they are still sitting in the same mindset that has kept them hostage and sad.

So I ask you to really think about why you are making only half changes? What do I mean by saying only half changes? I mean that there takes a lot of deep internalization and realizations that most go hand in hand with change. You have taken hundreds of steps and made thousands of choices that got you to the place in your story where you are today.

Yet what I am seeing is that you are making choices for change yet once you start seeing a change in your life you stop taking those steps that will really make a whole and complete change. Why do you think that is? Is it because you are beginning to see light in the tunnel? Is it because for the first time you feel a lightness in your heart you are seeing that things have turned around for you?

Then this is the time to take stock and ask yourself, “What choices am I making that are allowing my heart to feel lightness in my choices? Do not stop here… this can not be maintained until you really begin to let go of the stories that got you in your place of wanting change. What you do not see yet is that different vibrations have come in because of your steps for change but if you do not break down the old concepts and ideals, you will simply find yourself back in the hurt and not understand why you are back again.

I call it a magnetic looping that you are doing. This looping will change as you are going along but it will bring you back to the mental vibration that you are holding. Each thought you hold for more than 68 seconds becomes a physical creation . So each time you are rethinking or retelling an old story you are adding to your vibration of staying in the same.

It is very important as you are in the process of bringing yourself out of your old concepts and ideals that you repair and create a new magnetic loop. That the thoughts that you have about your old stories are really being told in a way of understanding where your choices took you. In beginning the process of understanding and letting go of the vibration the validity of the story has held you in.

In so doing watch very carefully that you do not lull yourself into thinking that the happiness that you are feeling is going to uplift you, this is where you have to let go of the old and begin to take charge of changing the stories and make the movement forward that really set you free.





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