Change, Why Are We Afraid to Change Ourselves

I think that some of the hardest things about changing ones self is when we are challenged by our closest friends and family. It always seems hard when they think we are bluffing and we walk quietly through their bluff and then have circumstances that could change their lives begin to happen.

What am I talking about? Well, let me see… As I have put myself to the test, so to speak, or really just learned to find my heart and then quietly stand up for my own needs, it seems to those that are not getting their needs met that I am being very selfish. Please remember, as I teach my students..

Self is necessary!

When I first began, I felt that I had to be a warrior of sorts and that I had to fight to the end to have my ideas accepted. However, I have found through my walk, that as I began to love myself and allow my needs to be valuable, I saw that being a warrior was over kill..

If you know yourself and understand that all things are lessons that we draw to ourselves so we can see how simple it is to create the fulfillment of all of our wants, desires and needs all by ourselves, then you realize we do not have to have a stranglehold on someone else.

Now, do not be surprised though, as you start to stand for yourself, that some of the feedback you get is going to sound like,  “You do not love me.”

That, of course, is due to the fact that you are letting up on the stranglehold on your friends and family and whether they liked it or not they can see a change and that scares most people to death, so to speak. So many of us use outside circumstances to judge whether we are on track or not. That is what I began with, calling their own bluff. In their minds they are fighting for a relationship they are feeling they are losing.

Of course they are, the one that was not healthy for you or them. It’s a relationship that prevents all parties from finding true internal peace and tranquility. As we all begin to see that we can care for ourselves and still have and love anyone we desire to have in our lives, we shall all be a much happier group of individuals.

What are your thoughts about this? Let me hear from you. Have a great day and into the evening Tide.

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