Change = Growth = Change

Creating_Lasting_ChangeWhen one is facing a day, a life that does not seem to have changed for a very long time, how do you get to a place where you can feel that it is worth it to change ones attitudes and ones ideas about themselves and their world?

Does a day come when you can truly say things are not going to change so I am now just going to give up? Is this true that people come to a place where it seems harder to change than to give up any hope at all?

I cannot even imagine what that would feel like, but as I travel, as I watch people of all ages, I see a fatalism in their eyes. They are caught in the fashion, the status, the attitudes of the current times. I see people whispering and passing on positive thoughts… but do they feel they can ever attain that which they are wishing for for themselves?

What about those who have felt love and in their minds have lost that person that shared with them love. Once we have had something can we not strive again to have it in our lives? Must we truly go without… forever? Is it All or Nothing?

Do not do this learning of self if it is to fix any of these things. This walk of Universal Truth is not about fixing anything, it is about changing completely any opinions or ideas, beliefs or attitudes that you have about this place. All of them you must change. Yes. All of them.

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