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Decisions sign in the skyLet’s talk about being a spiritual being and having people in your life who do not want to take responsibility for the life choices they are making. How do you BE… as a person wanting to know the truth, to walk the path of true peace and harmony, walking here as the God-being you are?

I am going to share both a physical concept and then the spiritual as well. It is time that you should see clearly where your true power lies. The faster that you can see that it is always more delightful to stand in Universal Truth, the easier it will be to always choose the path of true choice. You will always receive peace and harmony by simply telling yourself the truth.

The first thing that you must come to realize is that you are always deciding whether to play in your arena. Are you making decisions or are you making choices off of someone else’s decision (arena)? What do I mean by that? You must come to peace with the idea that no matter what relationship you are in, whether it is your job, your parents, siblings, spouses, friends, a decision has always got to be made from you for you.

So even though you are having discussions about what your decision is and how it will effect the other people in your life, still you have to look at what you are deciding for you. The easiest way to fall into making choices off of others decisions is when you know it is a way of not having the discussion that you should be having about standing up for your own needs.

So how often do you want to avoid an argument? How often do you tell yourself that it is okay to do what the other is deciding? Take a long look at how that is happening and what that really means to you in the long term.

Spiritually, when you are working with someone who is not standing in integrity of the relationship, you will always be feeling sad. Does not matter about what… you will be feeling sad. I have been told that all relationships have arguments in them. I am here to say, I disagree. When you are standing up for your decisions in the internal self you then do not have to argue about what the decision was because you have the simple conviction of choosing what is right for you.

When another person hears the simple truth there really is no argument. Yes some will try, but, you can simply walk out of the room. You always want to look at all issues in your life as a lesson you truly asked for. Do not look at the other person as if they are doing something to you… remember any excuse that you want to use is really about trying to talk yourself out of the fact that you shot yourself in the foot by not standing in the truth right from the very beginning.

You made a decision not to make the right choice; Not to stand up for you as a God-being who gets to say yes or no. Take the time to look at why you said that other person was more important than you. The more times you put that other person ahead of you, the harder it will be for you to have a good reason to make a decision to end the relationship. It never gets easier, only harder, the longer you put up with the energy that you are allowing to flow in the relationship. Once you have put up with it, what good reason can you tell yourself that you should not put up with it any longer?

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