Are you willing to put your beliefs to the test?

When I first found information of the nature that we do not die, that we are on a cycle of creations from different planes, that gave me peace. I had to walk a long time and experience many different concepts and ideas before I could come to a place where I could stand up for my peace of mind. Continue reading

How Compartmentalizing Your Life Hurts You

compartmentalizationI would like to begin with talking about compartmentalization… how we do it and why we should not do it. It is probably the biggest thing that gets in our way of true understanding of the Universal Truths.

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You Have a Divine Guidance System. Are You Using It?

followyoursoulYour knowings have always been in your life. They are simply here for you to prepare yourself for the awakening of your divine spirit to walk with you openly here in this wonderful expression on the place called Earth. You have been asking for a clear and concise way to walk here in a day to day expression without worry, fear, or stress. You have been asking to have love in your life .

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A Universal law regarding “Free will”

As I write this blog post I am going to write under the premise that you understand that we are always, in our every moment experiences, in a lesson plan that we choose just for ourselves. Under that premise I am going to begin by working with this question…

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Using the eyes of the Universal knowledge

When you are evaluating a problem in your life, you should at least try to see the root of the issue before going any further. By going to the root of the problem you begin to find the issues that are really the things that need addressing in your evaluation. I am seeing that when you are sharing what is bothering you, you see the other person as the issue at hand. Try looking at how the issue at hand is how you have written your life story.

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