Your Story Line Keeps You Unhappy

What does it mean to stand in your heart and be truthful to yourself? What does it mean when we feel a yearning in our inner being that does not seem to go away no matter what we try and do to make changes in ourselves?

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Why Weigh Words?

Let’s talk about popular terms that are out there in the world. I would like to address some of them. Did you know that when you repeat words over and over you sit in an energy and a vibration that can be very misleading to a person that is trying to learn to have an internal power of Self? There are many terms that hold a vibration nothing like you desire to experience and yet they are so popular that you are saying them and repeating them without even using your thinking process. Do you really want that energy happening in my life?

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Begin to write a new story

When you look at your life, what is it you see about yourself? No please take some time in the question I have posed here. I have heard people tell me they did not expect, at their age, to be feeling like this about themselves. They are generally wondering why they have wasted time in doing things that did not make them feel successful .

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PeaceMakers: Nice vs Guardians: (part eight)

As we look at several words, I have seen many people shy away from what they hold as a concept of them. To the point that they actually give up on themselves and walk away from a very happy existence. What words would you feel would do this to a person?

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PeaceMakers: Nice vs Guardians. (part seven)

When I speak of being nice, what do you feel? What do think you are? Have you looked around at what is in your heart? I do not believe enough people, when they have anger erupt in their lives, look at what is in their heart. I believe that what they do is spend their time wondering and asking, “why did the other person do this to me? I am such a nice person.”

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Peace makers: does being ‘Nice’ serve? (part one)

As I am sitting here thinking about what I am going to write in my blog today, I listen to the sounds around me. The music that is playing… It helps me tune into the internal truth of self. What is the one thing that makes today different in what I should express and will open up the door for someone right now?

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Instant gratification is not the art of appreciation…

What was and/or is the reason that we decided to accept instant gratification? I have been pondering this idea. This is hard for me to imagine why we would want instant gratification. Maybe that is because with all the time I have taken to contemplate what my choices and action steps are going to mean to me, I have learned the art of appreciation for the final outcome of any creation that I have happen in my life. Continue reading

the next step from instant Gratification….

When I was stuck in thoughts like, “If I could only have it now”, I found my life very frustrating. I was full of anger and was always upset with the people who shared my life with me. It did not matter if it was at work or at home, family or friends. I just felt all around frustration. I would go to the self-help book section and although I was always reading them, they always left me without the key to unlock the mystery of how to be happy with who I was and with those that I had chosen to share my life.

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Balance, why does it hurt someone else?

How do we have our life and center it without hurting someone else? I think this is the most often used question I hear from anyone I am working with.

When I give them the response that is in the truth, generally they do not like what they hear. Can you guess what I am about to say? “I am not working with anyone else. The options that we are speaking about are only for you.” That is right… that is what I say to them.  Continue reading