Stop Using The Physical Eye

closed-eyesThere comes a time in each of our lives when we just have to make the choice – are we going to continue on and be totally unhappy, or are we going to make the changes in our lives that make us smile when we are all by ourselves? Each of us will come to this place.

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Re-creating Yourself

Life-is-about-creating-yourself-150x150What do choices, stories, truth, love, and life have to do with really changing the course of our own history? These are questions that are asked of me when I have someone new come and begin to work with me about changing their lives.

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1,2,3 Choose… YOU!

Why do we have conflict with our choices about how we are going to live our lives? If you are in any way feeling unhappy about anything in your life at all you are in conflict with your choices. That is the problem right there.

You do not recognize that by not seeing that each and every choice you make compounds the choices that you made prior to the choice in this now. We so want to deflect from our hearts the emotions that make us sad, so we have a tendency to jump over those emotions and try to bury them deep down inside. Continue reading

Setting the tone for your day

As you wake in the morning take the time to just snuggle for a bit. Allow yourself this time to connect yourself back to the internal source of your divine essence. Allow the joy to seep into your thoughts, allow this feeling of just allowing the source of love to flow through you. Oh yes you can. For a brief moment you allow yourself the knowing that nothing is harming you at that very moment that you are just languishing in your bed.

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Shaking Off Attachments

As I was working with a small gathering this evening the first question asked was: How do you detach from those in the work force and those people that you are working with. And how do you not be attached to any of the outcomes that are happening at work?

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Start Taking the Power Back

Why does a new person in your life make you feel so wonderful?  The whole reason that new people can come into your life is because within that process of being you, you are making conscious choices to have change in your life.

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Stop defending stories that make you sad

It is very interesting for me to watch when a bunch of friends get together and spend the whole time together trying to make the others responsibility for their feelings. What does it mean to hang out with the right crowd, if the right crowd makes everyone feel so very wrong?

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