No Quick Fix

LLCoS_Logo_resizedAs you walk through your day and you are trying to get a handle on this spiritual walk to find the Universal Truth, what does it mean to stand in ones self? When we read books or see movies it always seems that they leave us with the impression you have to give up your entire life. Would you make the choice to walk in truth and love knowing you have to give up everything you know and love today? My guess would be, no! For me I had an internal drive, that always pushed me forward, to learn more, to want to be happy within my internal heart.

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Stand in the Integrity of Your Self

integrity_compassWhat does it mean to stand in the integrity of your self and the Universal Truth? This question can be answered in so many different ways… almost as many ways as there are people on this planet. In fact, that is the very essence of this wonderful lesson. There is an individual walk for each and everyone of us.

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Energies and Vibrations – What Are They?

I think I need to begin to talk about what energies are and how they work in our lives as well as what vibrations are and how they affect our true energy of self.

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Love for yourself

How do you be true to yourself when you are in a new / old relationship? This is a question that some of my students have been asking me of late. How many of you are really the “Runaway Bride”? Or Groom?

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1,2,3 Choose… YOU!

Why do we have conflict with our choices about how we are going to live our lives? If you are in any way feeling unhappy about anything in your life at all you are in conflict with your choices. That is the problem right there.

You do not recognize that by not seeing that each and every choice you make compounds the choices that you made prior to the choice in this now. We so want to deflect from our hearts the emotions that make us sad, so we have a tendency to jump over those emotions and try to bury them deep down inside. Continue reading

How do you recognize your feelings?

One of the most asked questions I hear is how do you recognize your feelings? When this  question was first asked of me, I was taken back, I had to ask myself, What do you mean your feelings? I spent many long days in contemplation about this question.

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Writing a New Story of YOU

One of the hardest parts of learning to have the truth that ‘Self is Necessary’ work in your life, is knowing how to let go of the guilt and obligation that the whole world wants to put at your doorstep. At least that is how it is perceived by each of us in the very beginning. That does change once you take a look at why your internal emotions allow that to be your story.

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Using the eyes of the Universal knowledge

When you are evaluating a problem in your life, you should at least try to see the root of the issue before going any further. By going to the root of the problem you begin to find the issues that are really the things that need addressing in your evaluation. I am seeing that when you are sharing what is bothering you, you see the other person as the issue at hand. Try looking at how the issue at hand is how you have written your life story.

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