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run with lieWhen you wake up and find that your life is not what you had dreamed about what do you do about it? I know that we do have those thoughts that fleet through our minds when we are not on our game. When we are feeling sad about a situation that we may be in or those people we are interacting with.

What do you do with those thoughts as they float through your mind? This is where you are making conscious choices but because you do not think you have choices in your own life, you continue to walk forward without truly taking the time to see where you are at within your emotions and feelings. This is a most critical time to make a very small step that will make great changes and they are very small steps and will have huge effect in your every day life.

Yet, most of you will simply let those thoughts flit on by without hardly more than the thought of ‘well this is my lot in life’, or ‘I am too tired to worry about just one more thing’. It is those kinds of thoughts that you allow yourself to have that will find you years later going what happened to all my dreams and desires?

I know I have talked about accountability and responsibility for your life choices. And you will hear people give you the out by saying things like, “Yes, but I was only this old” or “I did not have the right upbringing”. Now you can allow those words to help you feel better or you can pull up your bootstraps, whatever you need to do and say, “Yes, but in my heart even at that age I knew it did not feel good to me.”

It is right there with that statement, that response, that you are beginning to take charge of your own choices. You will begin to feel what it is to be in charge and you will now learn how not to have a reason to try to control everyone around you.

You will also now learn how to communicate so that other’s cannot control you. You go back through all those times in your life when you had a true feeling of what you should do, and because you were worried about how the other people in your life were going to feel, you chose to ignore what you knew was right just for you.

The more you see and become comfortable with the truth that you are to only make your choices from your very own feelings, the quicker you will see your life change and you will find yourself right where you have always wanted to be.





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