Can You Trust Your Internal Guidance System?

Question_Everything__by_jamaisXvuWhy do you think you gave up on a true internal love and happiness for yourself when you made your first step of living as an adult?

Would you say you did not give up your internal love and happiness with those first steps? Well… when did you? When did you decide to hold the opinion that you could not achieve what your hopes and dreams were? How far into being an adult did this happen? Why did you decide on the career choices you did? Were they your choices or choices of someone else?

These questions should be looked at closely today as you are looking at making long lasting changes in your life. If you are totally happy then you will not need to find how to reach out from deep within yourself .

So the time has to come where you begin to understand that you probably did not truly stand as an adult when you made that first choice upon leaving your childhood home. You most likely were making choices off a wounded child in that you did not recognize that your choices would boomerang you into a life long cycle of hurt, pain, and a magnetic loop that was simply repeating all those things you were trying to get away from when you originally left.

So that brings us to today… what steps can you take now to bring about the changes that your Internal heart has been trying to get you to feel. Has it come to you, as you look at yourself and your choices of trying to find yourself, that you have condemned yourself and walked away from the true child-like you, the part of you that, because of training or abuse, you hid away so it could not be contaminated?

For whatever reason, you made a decision at that time. It was a good one for that moment in time, and you must find the strength within you to understand that. It was because you did not share with a person that should have been a guardian for you, a person that could have helped you learn how to discern how to make the best choice for that inner god-being that we all are.

Because you did not see that such a person was around and available to you, you began to close down that inner heart… each moment… day… week… month… took you farther from trusting that internal guidance system that you personally set up for the purpose of keeping you on your heart destination.

It is only you who can tell yourself it is time to go forward, it is only the trust within yourself that you are worthy of being happy and whole, that the Universal Plan really is to be of the greatest state of joy, and that it is possible to have that joy here in your life right now. So if you have not attained that state of happiness then know that you must continue to find out what it is within yourself that is telling you that you should put your ducks in a row first, that everything else should be ready before you leap into what some would call thin air.

Reach for your state of joy. It continues within your heart even though you are aware of chaos everywhere around you. You must, for your heart’s sake, take those steps forward, regardless of what your head may tell you, for only you can take the steps for your heart. No one else can do it for you. When you have done so you will find a whole world of happiness open up for you.


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