Can you honestly say, “I have never cheated!”

I have been talking about what I have contemplated on about cheating. Yet, what does that mean to all of us? For as many people as there are on this planet there is half as many again ideas on this subject.

I think that once we begin to look at what is lying beneath our own feelings, we will see that our choices might be something so totally different then what we have claimed in the past. Why do I say this?

I say this because so many times as  I look at things I see that there is a microcosm and macrocosm to all and if I only look at the one side of any issue I only have half of the information to make my choice on.

When I began to look at what cheating meant to me the first place I went is the thought that there are so many kinds of cheating. I have never felt good about cheating about anything. I have always wanted to do things within the parameter that was set up for the issue.

Like on tests for instance, or speed limits, or telling the truth. This word ties into so many things other than cheating in a relationship with another human being. So when I began to look at this question in the light of what else I was speaking about, it lead me down a path I did not expect. A path that so early on numbs us to what it could possibly have to do with us. Yet, as you can see, there are many ways we begin to cheat on ourselves.

Is it any wonder then that when we believe something to have happened to us out of the blue, we discover that was really not the case at all. Why am I talking in this way? It is to get all of us to start thinking differently about issues that we claim to have an opinion on. We can hardly claim that without looking at what the whole concept is. So, once again can we honestly say,” I have never cheated!”

Do you agree with me if not Challenge me !

have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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