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ENERGYGOLDENFIGUREThe most freeing information I received while I was contemplating was that there is one reason and one reason only we come here on this wonderful planet. When I could understand this information, it gave me such peace of mind. Since then I have been working on the stories that are contrast to this one piece of information.

So as I look at a life experience and I begin to evaluate the steps I have taken, I question what the ‘story voice’ had to say along the way. When I use the term ‘story voice’, I mean those voices in your head that tell you, in any way, what you can or cannot do. When I say ‘do’ I mean in the loudest voice or the softest voice. It’s important to understand that you let those voices prevent you from doing exactly what your heart is directing you to do for just yourself.

Letting go of your stories will be the longest part of your walk. Without letting go of the stories of the dross mass world, you will never be able to accept the one Universal Truth that sets you free from guilt and oppression. You begin to see that the emotions you have are really just markers to show you how far you are off on your own self-made path.

Yes, you designed a mathematical path to come here, to live, to experience. You designed this path with one goal in mind and only one goal. Since you have been born you have been either off your path or trying to live someone else’s. So what is this one thing and only one thing that I am talking about?

I am talking about the fact that when you designed your mathematical equation to come here it was with one thing in mind. It was through expression of physical experiences to bring all of your god soul into the body you are living in. Yes, you heard me. YOU intended to walk as a God on this planet. We all did, all this other stuff you hear is to lead you like a flock of sheep onto the path of sustaining a small group of beings who know this fact and are using it against the populace.

Your heart tells you this each and every day that you continue to have an experience that brings sadness or pain. It is really that easy to know. Yet, like I said, in the beginning the part that will have you stuck the longest is the very stories that you are letting run wild in your head that counter what your heart is leading you towards.

Now the fun begins. Do you want to be a leader of truth? Do you desire to change the experiences you are having? Then you, and only you, must make choices from your heart of hearts .

There are sequences you can take; I can teach that, but you must always remember I, like you, have my own unique equation, so you must learn to walk only from your heart and remember, it is to bring all of your soul here, right now, into this body you already have.

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