Boundaries and Parameters what are they?

In my classes we have been working on how not to cross our internal boundaries, and yet know and  understand that internal boundaries are not the same as parameters. It has been the subject of my classes for the past couple of weeks. I was surprised to see that most of the class did not know the difference between the two concepts. So much so, that they had some very frustrating following weeks. So, for my first blog I would like to start out with these two parallel, concepts.    

First, I have been a Life Strategist for the past 14 years. I have worked the concepts of the physical ideas with the concept of the spiritual world around us. How the two work together, but, they also stand beside each other. In the sense as what boundaries and parameters do. I have learned much about information that is available to us through meditation. How to connect with the internal truth of self.

One of the first places that I have found that as an individual I had to learn to stand in the Universal truth; nothing happened to me with out me sitting in a feeling first. That was very confusing for me in the beginning. I, like so many others, wanted to go out side of my self to blame circumstances for my feelings getting hurt.

What does this have to do with boundaries and parameters?

Well as I was finding out about feelings, I came to realize that my internal feeling is, and was, my internal integrity, those were the boundaries that if I let my self walk over them, was actually what was hurting my feelings. Yet, for a very long time I held my family, friends, children and even my spouse hostage, for hurting my feelings.

The parameters are what we have total control over. It is each and every event that we plan for our selves, with others. It is the physical experiences that we have on a daily bases. So, parameters, are so easy to start utilizing so that we gain total choice in all we do. Oh, this sure sounds easy does it not. Well, I did not find it easy at all in the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Boundaries and Parameters what are they?

  1. I love the way you have defined the two words. It makes it so clear how to explore and examine what it is that I call my internal integrity and the day to day experiences that I set up for myself. I am excited to be more in charge of my parameters and not feel that I have to control everything in my life!

  2. Let me know in the next week or so how this definition of the two words is effecting your life.

    Will, be happy to share more with you if you would like.

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