Being Accountable for Your Choices

choiceHave you noticed, once you are feeling happy and can see you are making the right choices just for you, how new things seem to pop up that take your breath away about how you are moving forward?

It is not unusual that you are going to have this happen. Remember, it has taken many years for you to create your stories, your beliefs about your stories, and then the opinions that you hold about how your stories went and how this world really works for the very personal aspects about you.

As you begin to relax and get your stride with your new movement forward, you will be triggering other opinions and beliefs about different levels of your stories. So do not give up and think that you must throw away the understandings that you have already achieved . That is not the case. Go ahead, strongly adding the process that you used in the beginning to start this process, but in the process you must add the successes of your recent walk onto the scale as you begin to see that these other layers of your stories coming to the surface.

The reason you must always put your success on the scale is because in this life you will always be using this process of looking at each life experience as a lesson and the lesson must always be looked at each time you have them.

So as you are leaning how to tell yourself the truth about your stories, and how to take your power back from the choices you made to have the very experience in those stories, you will begin to grow in the steps to reason out your choices. Once you build that muscle for  that process you will begin to use those steps in each and every experience you have.

You begin to make the connections between your weak links because of your story lines. You start to accept that you have always been the one who ultimately made the choice. You no longer blame others for the choices you made. And yes, many of the choices did not serve you in anyway, yet you put the power back in your own hands by recognizing that you, and you alone, are in charge of the choices you make.

Once you come to the loving understanding of that concept you will truly begin your new and lasting success in this understanding that you have always been in charge of your life and now that you are fully conscious and aware that you are making the choices and no one can ever again control how and why you make your choices.

Please reread the previous paragraph because still it may be hard for you to not be swayed by how the people in your life act as you begin to stand for your choices alone. I am here to say that it will go away as you learn the process of discernment of self.


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