Being a True Guardian

As small children we made choices to do things.

Depending on the reaction of those around us we chose if we were going to do it again.

Then there are those well-meaning parents that can not see that a small Being can and has made a life choice for themselves.

They begin to try and sway the small child to their way of thinking. That forces the small child, the young Being, to walk away from the truth that the child is still very much in contact with. Young children have not been away from the Universal Source as long as the well-meaning parent.

It is this early in our individual lives that most of us began to start moving away from our feelings.

It is right here where, if we are parents ourselves, that we are moving young Beings away from the truth; the Source that tells each and every one of us what we can and cannot do.

Of course, the trouble began when a society decided that there had to be strict rules about living. The rules could not take in the concept that each and every one of us comes here to this plane in a different degree of knowing. This is so we can have our individual lessons. A rule cannot encompass the masses. Yet we organized into groups and so, as the generations passed, the rules got more intense.

More Beings began to live here on this plane, so of course we became more diverse in the degrees. We ended up with a mass population not knowing how to teach our small ones how to stand in their feelings. We just taught them how to tow the rope and not make waves.

Of course we can see, by what is going on in this plane, how well walking away from true feelings has worked for all of us. How many of us can truly say, “I have always known what I am feeling every minute of the day.”? I do not think many of us can.

We can get back to our True Source if we learn how to become the Guardian… first and foremost to ourselves… then we can get back to being that true guardian to the young ones.

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