Begin to write a new story

When you look at your life, what is it you see about yourself? No please take some time in the question I have posed here. I have heard people tell me they did not expect, at their age, to be feeling like this about themselves. They are generally wondering why they have wasted time in doing things that did not make them feel successful .

What is successful? Again take your time and feel what this question means to you. When you start looking at how to make changes you have some very surface things that you desire to change. Once you have changed them you can go along for a little while and seem to feel all is going well.

Then, again you start seeing the changes you made did not seem to last. Why are they not lasting in your life?

The very simplest answer is that you only made surface changes in your pattern of thinking and the feelings that you were having about the changes. So you did not take the time to investigate how simple it is to change a thought pattern and start working on sitting in your feelings instead.

The Universe matches your life expressions from your feelings not your thoughts, not your words, not your deeds. It simply brings to you the feel that you feel the most. So if you sit in “the world treats me badly.” Guess what? The Universe matches, treats you badly!

If you sit in the feeling “I do not want, I do not want, I do not want.” Is that not the very thing that you are experiencing? Are you not so aggravated and frustrated because you know that you are sitting in positive affirmations each and every day? Yet if you will slow down here you will hear me again say… the Universe matches your feelings not your thoughts. So all the positive thoughts in all your long days will not change a thing in your life. Now positive feeling that will change your life and it will do so the minute you allow yourself to let go of the facts about this story you have written called your life.

Begin to write a new story, you are the lead character in your story. Yes, you live in a grand place called Earth. You are learning that the magic is within your heart. You are the only one that can and does make your life happy or sad. Successful or not successful. All is at your finger tips and has been all of your life here. Until now you have just chosen not to believe in the Universal truth is all. That, of course my Dear One, is your God-given right!


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