Begin to use pro peace in our life vs anti-war

pro peace doveHave you ever asked your self, why does my life continue to have the same kind of endings? What I am asking is how often do you feel that your life is being experienced the way you would like it to be?

I ask this question because I am having interactions with clients and students and they seem to be very confused about why they are not happy. Just in listening and watching I am seeing how many people think that winning the lottery, or if they could move or If… would really make the difference in their life. Yet, why are we running from what we should just be looking at?

Have you ever listened out loud to yourself when your are in a group talking? When you and they are having a discussion, whether it be something that happened in your area or the world, have you really listened to what your opinions are?

What it is that you believe to be true?

Have you ever been talking about someone and expressing your dislike of a certain behavior of theirs and realized that you have the very same behavior?

Has the person or persons you were talking with ever so lovingly call you on this very action?

I hope so…

and I hope that we all listened.

This is where the secret lies. We have opinions and beliefs that would set us free but, we are not willing to be on either side – neither the person that is bugged who realizes they share that same annoying trait nor the one having the courage to say lovingly… “Guess what, that is you that you are talking about.”

When we hear so clearly someone else expressing things that really are our issues, if we took the time to look at those issues, we would be working on becoming pro peace.

When we continue to repeat an issue that upsets us without looking at the choices we made to have this opinion and whether or not we are willing to do anything about puts us in the energy of anti-war. Can you see what I am explaining?

Let me know. I would be happy to talk with you about this very thing. This is the very thing that begins to set you free from the social consciousness of today.

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