begin the Universal walk of Truth

As I was speaking in a previous blog…  There is a Universal truth. It is a group of laws that surround all things and how they work in all of the planes that exist. As our science is making its headway into information that previously has not been available to us, we are seeing that many things that we did not know existed are now coming up to be facts.

So, in all things there are truths. We must learn what those truths are and that is what then allows us to live freely within the parameter that is set for the function of living upon this earth plane.

Now, I am going to assume, for the sake of not arguing, that because you are reading my blog you already have an understanding that there is much more about our lives than what we can visually see with our physical eyes.

That all things were formed by a group consciousness, they sit in a group feeling. They have learned how to create in mass. We are here because we were and are part of that mass consciousness and we wanted to test ourselves.

When we are in the ALL we feel all of our experiences to the fullest.  We sit in a feel and whatever that feel is… happens. We cannot test to the fullest whether we have a total understanding of the feel.

So, we devised a platform in which we would leave the Whole and become a universe unto ourselves. We would then test our knowings and see if, when  UN-conscious,  we could still stand for the truth of the Whole.

Well, as you are witnessing we are doing a bang up job of standing up for the Whole.

We will have the opportunity to evaluate how we take hold of this truth, which many before us have and they discovered they have gained greatly as they were once again a part of the Whole as they left this plane.

Some Ascended… some just, as most here, allowed the death experience to be their way of returning to the All. In whatever avenue was chosen, when we return to the Whole, we begin a critiquing that allows us to evaluate what we felt we had gained.

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