Becoming aware of the thoughts, words, and deeds, that are yours alone

jewel-diamond-taylor-your-thoughts-words-and-deeds-are-painting-the-world-around-youAs you are beginning a new day start it by allowing yourself the moments to accept the creations you are wanting to experience in your life. When you wake up in the morning I suggest that you give yourself the time to really sit in the sweetness of all the things you are now understanding about yourself and how you, and you alone, are accountable for the very experiences you are having.

Take the time to then look at the creations, the experiences, you are deciding not to participate in any longer. Do not put a judgement on the experience or the creation. As a new fledgling god being awakening to the truth about your Universe and how it works, know that what you are learning about you is that you look at things in a different way than others.

You look at each experience as a lesson in knowing the deep core of your heart, your needs, and what your life decision is, so that with each opportunity, each choice, mundane or momentous, you know in that moment of choice whether you are simply choosing because you have already taken the opportunity to have like expressions and you now know your preferences or they are teaching you how to take off another layer of the transparencies of old stories you have misunderstood. You are doing so because it is your need, your desire, to uncover another important piece of the truth of who you are.

In this process of evaluation you learn how to uncover the truth about you in nanoseconds, as after you use the evaluation process you are prepared for the next choice. some choices seem like they are just trivial sometimes but it is in those moments, if you do not know where your mind tends to lead you, that you could end up repeating patterns you have created over time.

Look at each and every thing around you as a symbol guiding you on your path to the truth about you. Look at each choice you make no matter how inconsequential it may seem because those are the very ones that can pull you back into an old concept, old patterns that you have already decided you no longer wanted to play in. When there is a bump in your road of life, take the time to see just how your thoughts were going that allowed the Universe to bring to you that circumstance. Each and every moment in each day brings to you the experiences and the lessons that you, yourself, have been either thinking about or asking yourself questions about.

When it seems like you are in that hole that you never seem to get out of, do not go outside yourself. It is then you must find someone you love and trust and really asked them do I think like that? Do I sound all sad and morbid all the time. It is not until you become aware of the thoughts, words, and deeds, that are yours alone that you will be able to allow yourself to change them.





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